Services Offered

Dr. Lado is one of the top providers in the area that perform EMG/NCT’s, as well as EMG guided Botox® injections for problems such as cervical dystonia, limb spasticity and the newly approved indication for chronic migraines. He performs comprehensive musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatments, evaluates muscles, nerves, joints and function, and gives comprehensive spine diagnosis and treatment options/recommendations. Dr. Lado is also a recognized name in the Priority Health’s “Spine Center of Excellence” program!

Full list of services offered:

- Evaluate and Treat
- Prolotherapy
- Evaluation for Braces/Splints/Assistive Devices
- Injection Therapy (non-spinal)
- Spine Center Of Excellence Consult
- Botox® Theraputic Injections
- Manual Medicine (OMT)
- Physical Rehabilitation
- Work Comp/Auto/Personal Injury
- Work Hardening
- Pain Management